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PoolBot is brought to you by the people who brought you MoeBot, the number 1 robot mower in Australia. We searched the planet for a simple to use robotic pool cleaner that could meet a very basic criteria

  • No Cords
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans well
  • Cleans walls
  • Is reliable
  • Is cost effective

After much trial and error, we are excited to bring you the new PoolBot B150.

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Does a PoolBot work on vinyl pools?

Yes, all PoolBots work on vinyl pools.

I have really shiny tiles in my pool, which is the best model?

The PoolBot B300 is recommended for Pools with really shiny tiles due to its extreme suction power of 100w making it very capable of climbing the walls of a shiny surface.

What is the best PoolBot for a round pool?

The B150 will work on a round pool, but for optimal results, we recommend the PoolBot B300 which you can program specifically for round Pools.

What is the warranty of a PoolBot?

Your PoolBot comes with a 2 year warranty covering motors, motherboard, and non-consumable parts.

What about servicing?
Like all mechanical products, it's a good idea to have a check-up annually to ensure your PoolBot is ready for the peak season. Our dealer network offers a basic annual maintenance service checking :
  • Tracks
  • Scrubbers
  • Charging ports
  • Seals
To ensure your PoolBot is in peak condition
Where can I buy a PoolBot?

Click the link to find an authorized PoolBot dealer near you.

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